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Cloud Server

The best way to future-proof your business in the cloud

Chances are, you’ve probably been considering moving your business to the cloud for a little while. If you’re using cloud services like Office 365 for productivity, Sage or QuickBooks for accounting, or a file transfer service like Dropbox, you’re already hosting business data in trusted third-party datacentres.

Small to medium-sized businesses tend to host their critical data in small business servers, usually on-site within the company’s office. But if you’re looking to scale your business or need more flexibility, moving to a Cloud Server is a great way to future-proof your business.

Data remains yours, always

When you store data in the cloud, there’s a risk that your data could be mixed in with other businesses. But with Cloud Server, that doesn’t happen. You rent a self-contained virtual server to store your data. It’s like renting storage space for your furniture and possessions; you keep the key and it remains private to you, while it’s manned 24/7 by physical and virtual security.

The benefits of using Cloud Server

    • Easily spread the investment costs, moving your capital expenses to operating expenses.
    • Restore data from the latest backup taken, so your business suffers less downtime.
    • Replacing on-site hardware that has reached its end of support lifecycle can be costly. Receive continuous updates, patches and maintenance with Cloud Server, so you’re always covered.
    • Need more space? It’s easy to upgrade Cloud Server to remain flexible and agile as your business continues to grow.
    • Working on the go has never been easier. Access Cloud Server from anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection and a virtual private network (VPN).
    • From natural disasters to security and compliance, all data stored in a Cloud Server resides in Microsoft’s Azure UK South datacentre.

Choosing the best option

If you’d prefer to move your data to the cloud in stages, you can always choose a hybrid option. Critical data that you’d prefer to keep on-site remains on your physical server, while data that needs to be running 24/7 – like a website – to avoid downtime can shift to a Cloud Server.

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