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Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud for Microsoft 365

Protection against real-time cyber threats is more important now than ever. Educating your employees on how to spot a malicious email can be particularly difficult and a significant strain on your resources, particularly when cyber criminals are using much more refined and advanced techniques to target businesses – large or small.

With Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud for Microsoft 365, you don’t have to face losing your valuable data. Stored safely and securely within a UK Acronis Tier-IV data centre, your data can be backed up 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s the ultimate protection for your emails, OneDrive and SharePoint files.

Why do I need to back up my Microsoft 365 data?

Microsoft only replicates your Microsoft 365 data within their data centres and will only keep messages in the deleted items folder for up to 30 days by default. Should you accidentally delete a message from this folder, or if someone maliciously deletes it, the original data may not be retrievable. With many businesses subject to an email retention period length for regulatory compliance, email backup and the ability to recover individual messages or entire folders from SharePoint or OneDrive becomes mandatory.

Why choose Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud for Microsoft 365?

Whether you need to recover an individual email, a SharePoint or OneDrive file, and multiple folders, Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud for Microsoft 365 is easy to use and incredibly agile. Plus, the instant restore feature means you can recover messages quickly for a
worry-free experience.

Features you can look forward to include:

    • Point-in-time recovery
    • Restore data from a specific time and date instantly and recover emails, OneDrive and SharePoint files and folders with ease.
    • Preview mail directly in the web console
    • All mail can be previewed or searched for by subject, to and from, sent and received date ranges directly in the Acronis web console.
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    • Backup that’s secure
    • Your data is backed up to the Acronis Cloud once per day. It means your data is secure, always.
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    • Recover by sending an email
    • You can easily recover and restore data by sending it as an email through the Acronis web console – it’s fast, easy and efficient.
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    • Encrypt at transit and at rest
    • All your data is backed up and encrypted at transit and at rest, meaning your data is fully secure.
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    • Data remains in the UK
    • Remain assured that all your data is secured on UK soil within a UK Acronis Tier-IV data centre.

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